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A Message from Rabbi Steven Schwartzman

Rabbi Steven Schwarrzman

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, as I write this, the sermons are done but not yet spoken, the prayers are in the book and the heart but not yet said, the reconciliations and the teshuvah aimed for but not yet achieved. What a metaphor for life - we prepare, we do our best, and then we hope and trust that it will all work out, as Psalm 27 urges us to do (and yes, that's in one of my sermons).  
In this interregnum, the period in between, it's a good time to thank the people who have worked so very hard to make the holidays at Beth Shalom organized and beautiful. First, I want to thank our incredibly dedicated office manager, Helena Khazanovsky. Given all that she does for the shul year-round, it's still amazing what she has done on top of that this holiday season. Want to know who arranges the entire sanctuary and auditorium seating chart? Tickets? Babysitters, security, and anyone else that needs coordinating? For all of these and more, it's Helena. (This afternoon, she and her husband Michael were busy putting name tags on every single seat. After having brought in the day's purchases of food, hand sanitizers, and more.)     
I know we're all delighted to have Dr. Sanford Finkel visiting again this year as our high holiday chazan. Our ritual assistant David Mannes is here for us year-round, making sure that every service has the right people ready to do the right parts in Torah and haftarah readings and leading prayers, and taking part in the holy work of pastoral care.    
We are very grateful to Bozena Szopiak and her crew in the kitchen for the wonderful food they prepare for us at shul year-round and especially now with things moved around for the holidays. We thank our bookkeeper, Dorothy Turner, for handling shul finances, and our custodian, Yuri, for all the work of cleaning and setting up for the holidays.     
And we thank our dedicated lay leaders, from our President, Lana Black, to the officers and board members and committee members and all our volunteers for making Beth Shalom the vibrant and growing synagogue community that it is. As I will be saying in my sermons, let's move forward together on the path of holiness.
May we all be blessed with a sweet and healthy new year.   
  1. tovah tikateivu veteichateimu.
Rabbi Steven Schwarzman
Thu, 17 October 2019 18 Tishrei 5780