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Vision 2020: Beth Shalom's Strategic Planning

In August 2016, Beth Shalom's Board of Director's accepted Vision 2020: Beth Shalom's Strategic Plan as our shul's "road map" for the next 5 years. The Plan was formally announced over the High Holidays, and is now posted on Beth Shalom's website (the appendices are available on request).  

The Plan includes a number of specific actions in the following key areas:

Build a more socially engaged and welcoming community 

Enhance Jewish Learning 

Create a more caring and just community 

You may be thinking, what about fundraising? what about growing our membership? what about the condition of our building? These and other issues were also identified as requiring attention over the coming years. The Board is involved in current or planned efforts to address these issues. 

However, the Strategic Plan focuses on issues that emerged as most important to our members' lives. We feel that by continuing to build a socially engaged, Jewishly literate, participatory and caring community, we will also strengthen membership, create new fundraising opportunities, etc. 

 Please contact  the synagogue office (780-488-6333/301), to let us know how you would like to get involved as we put the Plan into action.

 Vision 2020 Steering Committee

Strategic Plan

Click HERE to view the document.

Sat, 17 August 2019 16 Av 5779