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Rabbi Search Committee Report by Gerald L. Sorokin, Committee Chair

The Beth Shalom Rabbi Search Committee has been fully assembled. It includes ten people from across the congregation’s membership: younger and older, women and men, strictly observant and more secular. All of the members share a deep commitment to the continued vigor and growth of the shul, and they bring experience in managing volunteer organizations and businesses. It’s an excellent group!

In November, we completed the application questionnaire and formally submitted it to the Rabbinical Assembly. We immediately received applications from several rabbis interested in serving Beth Shalom. The committee is reviewing their résumés and scheduling preliminary interviews.

The congregation’s input is the next crucial step. We will be circulating a brief survey of members to learn more about people’s priorities with regard to the congregation in general and the next rabbi in particular. We will also hold meetings—call them town halls or focus groups—to give everyone the opportunity to share their views. I also welcome direct contact: is the best way to reach me.

Wed, 24 April 2019 19 Nisan 5779